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  • Let me just ask you, Stephen, what stood out to you from that speech?

  • It seems as though a lot of it was actually directed towards China.

  • Well, absolutely. Cross-Strait relations between Taiwan and China are a pivotal issue in this election.

  • That was culminated obviously in January with the victory by Lai Ching-te.

  • But this was a three-horse race for president.

  • So that kind of watered down the mandate that was won by the former vice president, now president Lai Ching-te. He got just 40% of the vote.

  • So his mandate was a little bit weakened, and he also his party, the Democratic Progressive Party of the former incumbent, Tsai Ing-wen essentially lost control of the Legislative Yuan.

  • So domestically, he might have a bit of a bumpy ride going forward as the opposition KMT uses its position in the legislature to kind of potentially undermine the opening days of Lai Ching-te's term.

  • But the the issue of Cross-Strait is he's not wavering from the DPP, his party's position that Taiwan is essentially, I'm not saying that they're calling for independence, but it's de facto independence.

  • And that was sort of highlighted by his comments in the speech by saying neither China nor Taiwan are subordinate to each other.

  • And that is an issue that Beijing would take great exception to because Beijing feels Taiwan is a renegade province.

  • Now, under Xi Jinping in Beijing, they've obviously said that reunification is a top, top priority and through peaceful means is the most preferred choice.

  • But if force is necessary, that could come.

  • So that's why Taiwan, obviously with the chip supply chain semiconductors, but also its position geopolitically between China and the United States, it makes Taiwan a critical, critical cog in the geopolitical tensions that we're seeing right now.

Let me just ask you, Stephen, what stood out to you from that speech?

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