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  • Our Community Garden 

  • We're going to plant a community  garden in my neighborhood

  • The neighbors are meeting  to talk about what to plant

  • "I want to plant vegetables: some carrotssweet potatoes, and tomatoes," I say

  • "Let's plant some vines with  beans," says Mrs. Jackson

  • "And some peas and cucumbers," adds Mr. Ryan.

  • "OK," says Mrs. Allen.She is the organizer.

  • "Now that we have a list of vegetables,

  • who is going to do the planting?"

  • "I used to be a gardener," says Mr. Wilson.

  • "I can do the planting. Who wants to help?"

  • Many people raise their hands.

  • There are a lot of volunteers among the crowd.

  • "Saturday morning, we'll all meet to  plant the garden," says Mrs. Allen.

  • "I'll bring the seeds."

  • The neighbors meet and plant the garden.

  • "Now, who is going to water  the plants?" asks Mrs. Allen.

  • A group of teenagers raise their  hands. "We will," they say.

  • Three times a week, the teenagers take out the hose and water the plants.

  • Shoots start to sproutLittle plants are popping up.

  • And then suddenly, one daythere is no more water.

  • The plants start to droop and die.

  • "What can we do?" the teenagers ask.

  • "Let's get water from the pond," says Bryan.

  • "Good idea," the others respond.

  • And off they go with pails and bottles.

  • They are surprised at how well the plants do when they get more water.

  • They grow and grow.

Our Community Garden 

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