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  • What is the Water Canopy Theory?

  • The Water Canopy Theory is a hypothesis  primarily found within young Earth creationism,  

  • which posits that before the Biblical floodEarth was enveloped by a "canopy" of water vapor.

  • Proponents of this theory suggest that this  canopy created a greenhouse-like effect,  

  • leading to a much milder climate globally  and potentially contributing to the  

  • longer lifespans and lush vegetation  described in early Biblical texts.

  • The theory proposes that this  water canopy eventually collapsed,  

  • contributing significantly to the great  flood described in the story of Noah's Ark.

  • Critically, this theory is not supported by  mainstream science. Scientists argue that  

  • a canopy of water vapor of the magnitude  suggested would not be physically stable  

  • and would create a heat retention scenario  that could render the planet uninhabitable.

  • Moreover, geological and atmospheric evidence  does not support the existence of such a canopy.

What is the Water Canopy Theory?

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