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  • Can you eat cinnamon sticks directly?

  • Yes, you can eat cinnamon sticks, but they are  primarily used to infuse flavor into dishes and  

  • beverages rather than being consumed whole. Additionally, cinnamon sticks come from the  

  • dried inner bark of Cinnamomum trees. Their drywoody texture makes them difficult to chew or  

  • swallow, potentially causing choking, obstructed  breathing, and irritation to the mouth and throat

  • When used in cooking or brewingthey slowly release a warm,  

  • spicy flavor into the food or drink. Instead of being eaten directly,  

  • cinnamon sticks are often added to teas, mulled  wine, hot cider, and various stewed dishes,  

  • where they impart their flavor during the  cooking process and are removed before serving.

Can you eat cinnamon sticks directly?

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