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  • What would you do if you saw a homeless person getting robbed right in front your face?

  • We took this idea to the streets of New York City.

  • Dylon's the homeless guy, these are the robbers.

  • Let’s see what reactions we get!

  • Oh no! Come on! No! Seriously?

  • Come on! Don’t do that!

  • Put that back! Put that back!

  • So we’d been here for over an hour and only one person confronted her about stealing the money.

  • Now let’s see what happen when a guy steals the money.

  • Yo, thief! Yo! Put that back!

  • What happened man?

  • I wanna buy food.

  • No! Put that back right now!

  • Why? You gonna buy me food?

  • Put that back right now!

  • You are a thief.

  • Put that back!

  • What did you mean?

  • Put that back right now!

  • Put that back now!

  • Do you understand what I’m saying?

  • Put that back right now!

  • I’m trying to buy food. Put that back right now!

  • I respect that.

  • You know why?

  • Cause we are filming a social experiment and the camera is right there.

  • Good thing, man!

  • We need more people like you.

  • Good job!

  • You are a hero, sir.

  • Thank you, thank you for your help man.

  • Ah! Come on!

  • He just took all his money out!

  • Yo! You took his money?

  • No, I didn’t. I didn’t take his money.

  • Were doing a social experiment, he’s an actor.

  • Thank you! You save the day. Thank you!

  • Hey! Hey! Wow! Wow! Hey!

  • [Their's no definition of what a thief looks like...]

  • [If you see something, say something.]

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  • These guys did the super funny remake to my new Nutella prank.

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What would you do if you saw a homeless person getting robbed right in front your face?

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Stealing From The Homeless(Social Experiment)

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