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  • But when you get locked up, you have these things that happen to you.

  • And people who are civilians... You don't understand.

  • And a lot of times, you put yourself in danger because you're dealing with a person that you don't understand.

  • They ask you to do something and you refuse them.

  • I do not like lines.

  • The reason I don't like lines is because y'all don't know how to stand in a line properly.

  • This is me in any line you see me in.

  • This is you and this is me.

  • This is how much space you have.

  • I give your ass a arm and two hands.

  • That's how much space I give you.

  • I don't know if you want to start turning around.

  • You may want to fucking start salsa dancing.

  • I don't know what you wanna do, but you got an arm and two hands.

  • This is how most of y'all stand in line.

  • You go to any Starbucks line.

  • Y'all insane.

  • White men.

  • Y'all the reason that the airline is missing $35, because I refuse to check my luggage because I need my luggage to defend myself against you.

  • This is how I use my luggage, because white men don't know how to stand in line.

  • This is them, this is me with my luggage.

  • Get your ass away from me.

  • In the airport, y'all are insane.

  • You have a seat. You have an assigned seat.

  • I'm not, you can't beat me.

  • I'm already in front of you, but you can't take it.

  • If you think I'm bullshittig, you go to the airport and you let a white man be standing behind you.

  • This is all you have to do.

  • Watch how they're in a rush. Watch. Just do this, just do this.

  • And watch they move up.

  • I ain't got nowhere, get your ass in front of me. Get in front of me. Get your ass in front of me.

  • Get in front.

But when you get locked up, you have these things that happen to you.

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