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  • Let's think.

  • Today we answer the question: Why do we celebrate Easter?

  • Like many holidays, Easter is tied to religious beliefs, specifically Christianity, and is a day for celebration, similar to springtime, when trees begin to turn green and flowers bloom.

  • Easter is meant to celebrate victory over death.

  • In the Christian religion, Easter was the day when Jesus resurrected from the dead.

  • Unlike other holidays such as Christmas, which is always celebrated on December the 25th, Easter has no set date and changes every year.

  • The holiday always falls on a Sunday, sometime between March 22nd and April 25th.

  • Whether you're religious or non-religious, Easter can be celebrated by everyone as it's a day to commemorate life.

  • The word is believed to be derived from Ēostre or Eostrae, which is the Anglo Saxon goddess of spring and fertility.

  • Today, many of the motifs that are tied to Easter are used to honor life.

  • Bunnies typically represent fertility, while eggs usually symbolize life and rebirth.

  • It's no wonder that Easter typically falls in the spring.

  • What's your favorite Easter tradition?

  • So that answers the question: Why do we celebrate Easter?

  • That took some thinking.

Let's think.

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