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  • The two demons, considered her  merely a mortal woman, paid no heed.

  • Lin Moniang, seeing that these  demons were stubborn and unrepentant,  

  • deemed it necessary to teach themlesson and challenge them to a battle.

  • The demons, towering and as strong as oxenimmediately took up a fighting stance.

  • Unexpectedly, after only a few moves,  

  • they were all thwarted by Lin  Moniang, whose power was superior.

  • Realizing they were at a disadvantage and  attempting to retreat, Lin Moniang pointed  

  • her finger toward the sky, and a gigantic  rock weighing thousands of pounds flew down,  

  • hovering above the heads of the demons.

  • At this moment, the demons knelt and  begged for mercy, willing to renounce  

  • their evil ways and follow Mazu foreverassisting her in her righteous deeds.

  • These two demons are now known as the guardian  

  • spirits Qianliyan(千里眼) and Shen  Feng Er (順風耳) who assist Mazu.

  • Qianliyan(千里眼) can see anything  from thousands of miles away,  

  • his job is to watch over the world to  see who needs help and report to Mazu.

  • Shen Feng Er(順風耳) has the ability to  hear sounds from great distances his  

  • job is to listen to the world's  cries and also report to Mazu.

The two demons, considered her  merely a mortal woman, paid no heed.

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