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  • Chitose, Hokkaido. The foundations are being laid for the revival of an industry Japan once dominated.

  • In three years time, it's intended there will be an advanced chipmaking foundry on the site, producing cutting edge two nanometer chips.

  • Currently, advanced chip manufacturers (are) concentrated in a handful of countries.

  • There are geopolitical economic security factors involved.

  • To survive as a nation, Japan needs to be a global main player with technology.

  • We can clearly demonstrate that with semiconductors.

  • As electric vehicles, AI and advanced weapons development spur demand,

  • the US is encouraging its allies to shore up supply chains and limit the risk of overreliance on China.

  • Because of the geopolitical risk between China and Taiwan, we are not expanding in mainland China.

  • We are building a large factory in Thailand.

  • Also, our presence in Germany and Japan is increasing.

  • Taiwanese circuit board maker Unimicron has been operating here for some time and now,

  • with government backed Rapidus setting up the longer term vision is to build Hokkaido's version of Silicon Valley.

  • Further south in Kumamoto, the world's largest chip maker, TSMC, has a $7 billion factory gearing up for production and another one in the pipeline.

  • The Japanese government is pouring a $28 billion into its chip revival strategy, with the city of Chitose experiencing a property boom as a result.

  • Companies and manufacturers have been moving overseas, and now we are beginning to see a trend towards a return to Japan.

  • I believe Rapidus is exactly the kind of business development that will give young people the opportunity to make different choices in their hometowns.

  • At the moment, Japan has a shortage of skilled chip industry workers to move in once the construction crews move out.

  • The hope is build it and they will come.

  • Paul Allen, Bloomberg.

Chitose, Hokkaido. The foundations are being laid for the revival of an industry Japan once dominated.

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