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  • TSMC is opening its first Kumamoto plant in Japan.

  • Tell us what is the significance of this opening and what does it mean for Japan?

  • Of course, you know, Kumamoto TSMC fab is very significant for Japan

  • because, you know, the fab is kind of a to fill a gap between supply and demand

  • in Japan. So without investment from TSMC,

  • we only have over 40 nanometer technology node in Japan.

  • But you know, recently the demand for less than 40 nano is getting traction in

  • Japan, buying, you know, like Japanese

  • industrial or other, you know, robotics industry, etc..

  • So that's why the supply capacity from Kumamoto DFC.

  • TSMC first Fab from 28 to 12 is kind of essential to the Japanese industrial

  • activities. We've reported that the numbers could be

  • 20 to $30 billion. It could go as high as $67 billion in

  • terms of financial support from the chip industry.

  • What would you say to the taxpayers of Japan who are going to help build this

  • industry? Why is it worth it?

  • I think, you know, Japanese public people already realize the importance of

  • the support for semi industry. So what we what we are doing is to, you

  • know, tell the importance of each project to to the people, of course.

  • So the kind of, you know, economic security perspective is the one element

  • and the other is economic kind of a ripple effect perspective as an example.

  • You know, TSMC project is expected to have the, you know, large scale of the

  • economic, you know, spillover effect. So actually, you know, we already have

  • watched semi ready, you know, companies, many similar related companies are

  • moving into the Kumamoto prefecture. I'll be our TSMC is, you know actually

  • constructing the first five. So which of course you know investment

  • you know spillover effect as well as you know create job creation as well.

  • And also considering the salary bill or payment level from TSMC, it is higher

  • than the you know of course you know standard of of Japanese companies.

  • So which can make a very positive impact in terms of the raising following the

  • bill as well in Japan. It seems like Japan has jumped out to an

  • early lead in this effort to build the domestic chip industry.

  • The United States is trying to do similar things.

  • Europe is trying to do certain things also.

  • Mm hmm. What are the reasons that Japan was able

  • to do this so quickly after, you know, considering the past, you know,

  • what we have, you know, so it is you know, everybody thought Japan is too

  • small, too slow in terms of financial support.

  • We sincerely regret that misdemeanour. For for the past.

  • So that's why we realize the importance of speed.

  • I had served, you know, a couple of ministers of METI.

  • So everybody told me that speed is very important to attract

  • the investment from our side.

TSMC is opening its first Kumamoto plant in Japan.

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