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  • Now... let′s get a check on the global headlines were following this Monday morning... with

  • our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter for us.

  • Eunice... I bet it was a rough start of the work week for those in Hong Kong... as thousands

  • of protesters struggled with police into the early morning hours today... blocking major

  • roads into the city′s financial hub? That′s right, Jinjoo. And while their numbers

  • have diminished... crowds of people remain on the streets, resolute in their demands

  • to see a genuine democratic process adopted in Hong Kong.

  • This as the police crackdown overnight included tear gas... not used in the city since 2005.

  • Our Kim Min-ji takes you there. Thousands of protesters continue to occupy

  • major streets in the heart of Hong Kong. The crowds have now somewhat thinned out,...

  • but roads leading to the city′s financial district remained blocked off as protesters

  • ignore warnings from authorities, who say the demonstrations are illegal.

  • The Hong Kong Information Services Department says more than three dozen people have been

  • injured in clashes. Riot police have used tear gas and pepper

  • spray on the protesters,... many of whom wore goggles, ponchos and held up umbrellas to

  • protect themselves. Fresh protests have also broken out in the

  • shopping district of Causeway Bay and in Mong Kok.

  • Hong Kong′s chief executive has called on citizens not to believe what he called "rumors"

  • of police violence. "I hope citizens can keep their calm and not

  • falsely believe in these rumors. The police are working hard to maintain social order,

  • which includes the free-flow of traffic. They are also protecting public safety, and have

  • exercised great restraint during their operations." The protests began last week and grew over

  • the weekend as demonstrators from the Occupy Central movement joined students who have

  • been demanding "universal suffrage" in the city′s first chief executive election in

  • 2017. The demonstrators want to be allowed to directly

  • vote for top city officials,... rather than Beijing-vetted candidates.

  • Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

Now... let′s get a check on the global headlines were following this Monday morning... with

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Pro-democracy sit-ins in Hong Kong persist into early Monday 홍콩 ′센트럴 점령′ 시위

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    阿多賓 posted on 2014/10/05
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