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  • It's time we finally sit down and figure out who the fourth cat is.

  • Hmm. Fourth cat. The best cat. The only cat I know.

  • Oh,it's obviously Ivypool.

  • Dovewing? Jayfeather? Dovewing can you hear me? I can always hear everything.

  • Ivypool will literally NEVER be important. All right, let's figure this out for real.

  • Well, it's got to be Cinderheart!

  • Lionblaze? YES? Lionblaze, can you hear me? I CAN hear you.

  • There isn't anything special about Cinderheart. Why is it that your brother can be involved in this, but my sister can't?

  • Yeah, how come your sister can be involved in this and my sister can't?

  • Hold on. I'm not your sister!

  • Actually, I went back in time and found out you're my sister.

  • Oh. I love you Jayfeather. UGH

  • Whatever we're done here. You two clearly aren't taking this seriously. Hello, everyone.

  • It's me, Firestar.

  • Hello Firestar. Wow, it's Firestar! I've just found out I am the mythical fourth prophesized cat

  • Wow congratulations Dovewing,

  • Ivypool is the fourth cat!

  • Wait!

  • Why not Cinderheart?

  • Because we know the fourth cat can't be Janine Jones, Aaron Jones, Catwalk ! Commander Bumble, Jennifer Ladytacobell 101, ONI-TRAX, bluedusk,

  • Rambleclaw, dmanky, Jasper Rose, cherrycolacakes, Matsuri Suri, Glitchedtree, Scarth Jo,

  • Saria Avesta Nerweyi, Fennex,

  • Sofia Orlando, Antlerthedeer, Kai Houlihan, Felix H. , Cloudydraws, Moon Moon, raisingChaos, Blue Fire,

  • Acenothanks(Hannah),

  • PandeanBarbieri, Justice,Tessu, Kestrel Feather, Pandorascaisse, Tobafett, Gavin Grubb, winnie, Sarah Hannon, Gavin Sharkley, Pinkerton,

  • Nick Zeheran, Dat Ass is Cash, or Mercy--monster, so it has to be Ivypool.

It's time we finally sit down and figure out who the fourth cat is.

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