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  • [Bramblestar] Gather 'round. We have a new warrior among us.

  • [Flamepaw / Nightheart] Wow! I can't wait to know what interesting and unique warrior name I'll get!

  • [Bramblestar] And your name will be... Flameheart! Because Fireheart... star.

  • [Flame/Nightheart] What? Are you kidding me?

  • [Sparkpelt] What? Do you not like it?

  • [Flame/Nightheart] I don't like being named after a dead cat I have no resemblence to and have never met.

  • [Bramblestar] Well, I was named after *my* father.

  • [Bramblestar] It's an honor to be named after your ancestors.

  • [Flame/Nightheart] Yeah- and who was your dad?

  • [Bramblestar] Tigerstar... but that's beside the point.

  • [Sparkpelt] Jayfeather was named after Crowfeather!

  • [Jayfeather, britishly] Yeah, who I wasn't even close to or knew was my dad.

  • [Bramblestar] And I named Bristlefrost after-

  • [Bramblestar, fearful of Squirrelfligt's murderous gaze] ...Nevermind. That's not important.

  • [Bramblestar] It's tradition!

  • [Jayfeather, still british] Since when were you concerned about tradition?

  • [Flame/Nightheart] Yeah. It's also tradition to follow your leader's every word.

  • [Flame/Nightheart] Remember Ashfur?

  • [Bramblestar] Fine. Your name can be Night...

  • [Bramblestar] Uh...

  • [Brambelstar] Nightheart.

  • [Nightheart] I'm convinced you don't know any other suffixes.

[Bramblestar] Gather 'round. We have a new warrior among us.

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