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  • [Mothwing] Welcome to the Moonpool!

  • [Frostpaw] Wow it's very moon and... pool like!

  • [Mothwing] Role call! This is...

  • ...Puddleshine. StarClan made up a whole disease so he would be worthy of being a Medicine Cat!

  • [Puddleshine] Hi there!

  • [Mothwing] This is Shadowsight... Don't go near him-

  • [Mothwing] He doesn't even know what herbs are.

  • [Shadowsight] What do you have against me?

  • [Mothwing] And this is Kestrelflight and- don't worry about remembering him, because... I also forgot why he's important.

  • [Kestrelflight] Well, actually, my main character moment was when I helped ShadowClan-

  • [Mothwing, interrupting Kestrelflight] And this is the WindClan apprentice, Whistlepaw.

  • [Whistlepaw] Greetings~. Would you like to hear my interesting backstory?

  • [Frostpaw] Oh that would be really cool actually-

  • [Mothwing, also interrupting Frostpaw] AND THIS-

  • [Mothwing] is Frecklewish and Fidgetflake, you probably won't need to remember their names, though.

  • [Mothwing, in love] This is Alderheart ❤️

  • [Mothwing] Heart of GOLD! He's the best one.

  • [Mothwing] He knows his herbs- StarClan also made up a prophecey for him!

  • [Alderheart] Hi! It's really nice to meet you.

  • [Alderheart] I-I'm sure you'll do great! We all start out nervous,

  • [Alderheart] But don't worry. You'll grow into your paws soon enough.

  • [Frostpaw] Wow. Alderheart is the best. I wonder who's next?

  • [Frostpaw] I wonder who's next?

  • [Mothwing, deadpan] This is Jayfeather.

  • [Jayfeather] I swear- come within two pawsteps of me and

  • [Jayfeather] and I'll make sure StarClan has another cat in their ranks tonight.

  • [Frostpaw, sarcastic] Delightful! Great...

  • [Mothwing] He's just a tad bit grumpy!

  • [Mothwing, badly whispering] He's upset that he has to compensate!

  • [Jayfeather] Hey, at least I can talk to Leafpool and Willowshine.

  • [Mothwing and Jayfeather argueing]

  • [Mothwing and Jayfeather continue to argue in the background] [Frostpaw] Is it... always like this?

  • [Mothwing and Jayfeather continue to argue in the background] [Whistlepaw] Oh, yeah. Alderheart will just

  • [Mothwing and Jayfeather continue to argue in the background] [Whistlepaw] drag Jayfeather off Mothwing in an hour, don't worry.

  • [Mothwing, about Jayfeather] He has stinky feet, he doesn't know  his lefts from his rights, he also  

  • [Mothwing] once told a bee to buzz off which  is very rude in the bee community-

[Mothwing] Welcome to the Moonpool!

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