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  • We continue our coverage on the growing protests in Hong Kong.

  • Activist leaders are threatening to storm government buildings unless the city′s embattled

  • leader steps down by the end of Thursday. With more, we turn to Paul Yi at the News

  • Center. Paul, the clock is ticking down and it appears

  • that the Hong Kong authorities are not budging. That′s right. Chief Executive CY Leung has

  • until the stroke pf midnight to answer the ultimatum... with thousands of demonstrators

  • surrounding his offices as of this morning. China is closely monitoring the situation

  • and has been very firm in its stance... despite increasing scrutiny from Western powers.

  • Our Kim Min-ji has this report. Pro-democracy protesters have warned of further

  • action,... if Hong Kong′s chief executive does not step down by Thursday evening.

  • Security was heightened around C.Y Leung′s office,... as massive crowds rallied outside.

  • Protesters say they will occupy government buildings if their demands aren′t met.

  • They also want universal suffrage in Hong Kong′s 2017 elections and for Beijing to

  • abandon its plan to vet candidates for the post of chief executive.

  • "I don′t know how long, but I think that every Hong Konger will spend all their efforts

  • to achieve what they want and voice ourselves until the government takes action and responds

  • to our needs." U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, at a joint

  • press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Washington,.... called on Hong

  • Kong authorities to exercise restraint in the face of the protests.

  • Wang was curt in his response.

  • "The Chinese government has very firmly and clearly stated its position. Hong Kong affairs

  • are China′s internal affairs. All countries should respect China′s sovereignty."

  • Wang added that "illegal acts" that violate public order would not be tolerated in any

  • society. If protesters follow through on their pledge

  • to storm government buildings,... there are mounting fears of violent clashes.

  • China′s official state newspaper, the People′s Daily supported Leung and praised his performance

  • while accusing the protests of driving Hong Kong into "chaos."

  • The daily earlier warned of "unimaginable consequences" should the protests persist.

  • Kim Min-ji, Arirang News. Meanwhile, thousands of people around the

  • world are showing their support for the pro-democracy movement many of them in New York City.

  • Supporters gathered Wednesday, under the lights of Times Square to rally in solidarity with

  • those in Hong Kong. New York has been one of the several dozen

  • cities across the globe to host such demonstrations... including Paris, Melbourne... and Macau.

We continue our coverage on the growing protests in Hong Kong.

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