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  • Whoa there, Brightwhisker! Where are you goin'?

  • *cough CouGh cOUgH*

  • I need to go to the Moonstone to get my 9 lives!

  • You're sick. I-it can wait.

  • You'll be fiiine.

  • Okay, well if I'm going to be fine I guess I can just..

  • appoint a deputy for now.

  • Who did you pick?

  • Oh, it's gonna be Jumpfoot.

  • Oh, no! No, no.

  • That's no good!

  • He haaaates sick people.

  • You'd better wait another day. Here's your medicine, then we'll see how you're feeling

  • I don't know about this... But alright. I trust your judgment Redscar.

  • Redscar! It's awful! Brightwhisker is dead!


  • Guess we'd better go pick a new deputy!

  • Hello, everyone!

  • Really unfortunate that Brightwhisker is suddenly dead.

  • But the good news is we can pick our own leader and I say-

  • I should be in charge!

  • No! Me! I'm responsible!

  • Fight me for it! Whoever wins is leader of ShadowClan!

  • Here! UGH!

  • Fine!

  • Here's fighting herbs for the occasion.

  • There's Redscar, always looking out for us!

  • (Oofed)

  • How terrible and poetic!

  • They fought each other to the death!

  • Yes, yes. It's really bad and deep and stuff....

  • Anyways, StarClan just came to me in a dream and told me my favorite character is supposed to be the leader now!

Whoa there, Brightwhisker! Where are you goin'?

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