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  • Lara Croft hit the Game Boy Advance like a Gretchen Wilson song. Shootinpistols,

  • humpinwalls, jumpinthrough fires...hey, who knew Lara was a country fan? It’s Tomb

  • Raider: The Prophecy, yall.

  • So this 2002 release was a Game Boy Advance exclusive. And actually, it would be the only

  • Tomb Raider game to go with an isometric perspective until The Guardian Of Light eight years later.

  • And if there’s one thing that defines The Prophecy, it’s that isometric perspective.

  • And bad grammar. And flipping switches.

  • And dogs.

  • So there is a story here, but it’s never really all that clear. Something about magic

  • stones that can summon a monster, which in turn brings about the apocalypse. Eh, whatever.

  • People are always so worried about the apocalypse. Who cares? Were overdue for a good plague,

  • anyway. A mild apocalypse would suffice.

  • But no, there’s Lara Croft. Freaking...overachiever.

  • Neither apocalypse nor C cup for Lara Croft.

  • So the game has a kind of old-school flair to it, which I really like. And it suits Tomb

  • Raider well in this particular application. So there’s plenty of platforming and puzzle

  • solving and shimmying across ledges, and at least in theory, it works great on the GBA...but

  • the problem with this game is really two-fold.

  • One, the perspective doesn’t always work.

  • And two, the gameplay never evolves.

  • To speak to the prior, there are more a few times when the game’s graphics fail its

  • perspective. Which is to say discerning ledges from backgrounds can be problematic. But the

  • bigger problem is that...Lara’s objectives never change. From beginning to end, it’s

  • just...flip switch, find door, disable trap, find door, shoot dogs. It all works perfectly

  • fine and is actually good fun at first. But it gets repetitive really fast.

  • And some of those sound effects. Ugh.

  • This is a classic example of a game know, it starts off with some fun ideas, everything

  • is going fine, you wait for it to take that next step, and it never does. It never changes

  • gear. And technically, you know, you can definitely get to your destination that way. But youre

  • gonna be in the same lane the whole time, and someone is probably gonna give you the

  • finger. That’s Tomb Raider: The Prophecy.

  • The gaming equivalent of a good-looking mom who sadly drives a minivan.

Lara Croft hit the Game Boy Advance like a Gretchen Wilson song. Shootinpistols,

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CGR Undertow - TOMB RAIDER: THE PROPHECY review for Game Boy Advance

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/10
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