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  • [??????? ??????? ?????]

  • {Mousefur} They better stop making these apprentices warriors and nobody's gonna change my bedding!

  • {Icepaw} No! Nobody would ever do that to you!

  • {Mousefur} *Laughs*

  • Get out of here, Icepaw.

  • {Icepaw} No! I can't leave knowing that you're in distress!

  • I'll change your bedding, Mousefur, I'll change your bedding until the day I die!

  • {Lionheart} I'll hold you to that!

  • {Mousefur} Dear, it was a joke. I was being silly.

  • {Ice} Uh, a joke? I don't underst-

  • [Punching sound]

  • {Mousefur} Uh... hello?

  • {Foxpaw} Hmp! I WON'T!

  • {Mousefur} What?

  • {Fox} When I'm a warrior, I'm never changin' it!

  • {Ice} Foxpaw, no! Don't say that!

  • She's old, she can't take it!

  • Consider supporting Moonkitti on Patreon or Foxpaw won't change your bedding.

[??????? ??????? ?????]

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