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  • It sure sucks being an apprentice

  • Yeah, it's really sad

  • I wonder if Berrynose- That is enough about Berrynose!

  • Hey guys. Look what I have. Oh, it's me, honey, honey. Oh boy

  • I can no longer go on enjoying mortal pleasures as if I'm one of them

  • For I'm truly too powerful and special to participate in any group activity

  • Look at them!

  • Chomping on the honey without a care in the world as if this satisfies them as if this simple delight will uplift their naive

  • Spirits when I get the opportunity to be recognized for my merits for my sheer power

  • I will have all the honey in the forest and all the honey in the country

  • to become the unstoppable warrior Pooh Bear of warrior cats

  • Calm down calm down Lionpaw! The only thing between you and your goal is time

  • I have the power I need now. I only need to wait.

  • Oh, Hey Lionpaw. Are you struggling with the sheer weight of being incredibly special? - Maybe...

  • Don't worry

  • I can help I have always understood that I am the most important and prophesized cat possible even from birth

  • I was aware of my sheer significance, but I had no idea just how it would manifest.

  • Oh Yeah, we don't know your power do we?

  • Yeah, well, it's the best one so it's probably going to take a while

  • This honey is so good. Oh man!- Don't give in Lionpaw, I've been not enjoying things my entire life...

  • It sure sucks being an apprentice

It sure sucks being an apprentice

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