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  • (Half Moon) Strange cat ancestors, are you out there?

  • It's me, Moonkitti--

  • ... Half Moon. It's me, Half Moon.

  • We've been having a tough time lately.

  • Somebody drowned in the tunnels, and twolegs are closing in on us...

  • what should we do?

  • (Ancestor) Oh, uh, yeah. You cats don't belong here.

  • There's no place for cats near a lake,

  • you need to leave and never come back!

  • (Half Moon) Alright... where do we go?

  • (Ancestor) Uhhh, this guy will show you!

  • (Jay's Wing) Hello! I'm making eye contact.

  • (Half Moon) That's a weird thing for you to point out, but you know what?

  • I really appreciate it!

  • (Half Moon, elderly) Oh Tribe of Endless Hunting -

  • Or whatever we worship in this period in our lives...

  • We are all starving to death in the cave.

  • Please, send me a sign.

  • (Ancestor) Oh, hey!

  • Sorry there, Stoneteller, turns out you cats AREN'T meant to live in the mountains!

  • You need to send, like, half of everyone away?

  • (Half Moon) Is... is that cute young man I used to know going to help?

  • (Ancestor) *laughs* No...

  • (Half Moon) Wait, wait a minute... you sent everybody here...

  • And now you're just shipping us off somewhere else?

  • (Ancestor) Well, like I said - half of you.

  • And you're going to die!

  • (Half Moon) Oh... is that cute young man I used to know going to--

  • (Ancestor) I, uhh... have no idea who you're talking about!

  • (Feathertail) Hey there tribe cats!

  • We're taking a quick stop here before I bring the clans back to our new home!

  • (Ancestor) Guess where they're going, Half Moon, just guess!

  • (Half Moon gives death stare)

  • It's the LAKE! (laughs)

  • Cats CAN and are SUPPOSED to live there!

  • I love my job.

(Half Moon) Strange cat ancestors, are you out there?

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