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  • There are two ways you can look at Tomb Raider 3. You can either be a fan who sees the game

  • as an improvement, not changing too much but keeping the core of Tomb Raider consistent.

  • Or you see it as just more of the same and a series that either refuses to change or

  • is incapable of it. If you have played a Tomb Raider game, you know what to expect, a lot

  • of climbing, a lot of shooting, and a lot of Lara Croft. And while each entry provides

  • a new experience, by the third title the formula began feeling a little old.

  • The game did make some changes, with some making improvements while other taking the

  • series a step back. The game still retains much of the visuals of the previous games,

  • with minor improvements. Again, much of the focus has been spent on Lara herself, but

  • that is not to say the environments themselves do not impress. The jungles look lush and

  • the snow looks cold. Each level looks the part as Lara jumps around the world.

  • But the biggest change from previous Tomb Raider games is the addition of more freedom.

  • The first two games gave the feel of a large open world, but for the most part were pretty

  • linear affairs. Tomb Raider 3 is just the opposite. The levels are large worlds, with

  • multiple switchs, levers, and treasures hidden throughout the level. This makes you feel

  • like you are exploring an enormous area, but also comes at the cost of confusion, as you

  • search everywhere you that treasure or switch that you missed. But the level of choice extends

  • beyond just the open level design. You can select which order you want to complete the

  • levels, with exception of having to do the first and last in that order.

  • But while these improvements help push the series, several things hold the game back.

  • The game now has a new save system that is very frustrating. You can only save if you

  • have a Save Crystal. This can make the game very frustrating as the game still has some

  • of the leap-of-faith moments, making you reload from the same spot over and over.

  • The game is probably the most frustrating Tomb Raider yet. It still offers the same

  • challenging combat and puzzles, but with a new save system and open worlds that lead

  • to getting lost. If you are a fan of Tomb Raider, then this is more Tomb Raider and

  • be happy. If you don’t like Tomb Raider, this won’t change your mind.

There are two ways you can look at Tomb Raider 3. You can either be a fan who sees the game

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