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  • 13.NATIONAL PIZZA DAY- February 9th

  • National Pizza Day is celebrated on February  9th each year. This day is dedicated to one  

  • of America's favorite foods, with  its origins tracing back to Italy.

  • Pizza became popular in the  United States in the late 1940s,  

  • particularly in New York Citydue to Italian immigrants.

  • Over time, various styles like deep dishNew York-style, and others have emerged,  

  • making pizza a versatile and  beloved dish across the country.

  • The celebration of National Pizza Day can  involve trying out different types of pizzas,  

  • visiting local pizzerias, or even  attempting to make pizza at home.

  • It's a day to indulge in the wide  variety of pizza flavors and forms,  

  • from classic margherita to more  inventive and modern toppings.

  • Pizza enthusiasts may also engage  in activities like pizza parties,  

  • exploring fun pizza facts, and enjoying  special deals offered by pizza restaurants

13.NATIONAL PIZZA DAY- February 9th

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