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  • There's something that we, uh...

  • That, uh, Dumbledore wishes to speak to you about.

  • It's a proposal.

  • All right.

  • You know what this is, of course.

  • Newt had it in Paris.

  • I can't say I have much experience with such things, but it looks to me to be a blood troth.

  • That would be correct.

  • And whose blood is contained within?

  • Mine.

  • And Grindelwald's.

  • I'm assuming that's why you can't move against him?

  • Yes.

  • Nor he against me.

  • Can I ask, what would possess you to make such a thing?

  • Love.

  • Arrogance. Naivete. Pick your poison.

  • We were young, we were going to transform the world.

  • This ensured that we would, even if one of us had a change of heart.

  • And what would happen if you were to fight him?

  • It's really quite beautiful, you have to admit.

  • Were I to even think about defying it...

  • It knows, you see.

  • Albus.

  • It senses the betrayal in my heart.

  • Albus.

  • Albus.

  • That would be the least of it.

  • Young man's magic, but as you can see, powerful magic.

  • It can't be undone.

  • So this proposal, I take it the Qilin has something to do with it?

  • He promises he won't tell a soul.

  • If we're to defeat him, the Qilin's only part of it.

  • The world as we know it is coming undone.

  • Gellert's pulling it apart with hate, bigotry.

  • Things that seem unimaginable today will seem inevitable tomorrow, if we don't stop him.

  • Should you agree to do what I ask, you'll have to trust me.

  • Even when every instinct tells you not to.

  • Let's hear it.

There's something that we, uh...

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