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Let’s face it. Tomb Raider came as close to dying as a game series could possible come
without finally getting the ax. I guess Lara is more of a survivor than we could even guess.
After the breakthrough success and sequel after sequel that could never live up to the
original the series was on life support. Eventually boiling down to just giving people the opportunity
to stare at Lara’s behind for a couple hours. The series was given to a new studio, Crystal
Dynamics, to fix the problem. Well, they didn’t just fix then problems, they turned the series
completely around and gave Tomb Raider the breath of life that so many fan boys has wanted
to give Lara for years.
Having seen games life Prince of Persia be what Tomb Raider should have been, they went
back to the drawing board and took Lara back to her roots, exploring tombs and making it
easy to control Lara as you do so. No longer does Lara control like a tank, where you have
to turn her to the direction you want and press forward. Now you control completely
in a 3D world like every other game and it makes a world of difference. How could they
not figure this out that this is how Lara needs to control before they made Angel of
Darkness? That was a big waste of my life. It is a small change but it makes the game
just so much more accessible, now that you don’t have to fight with Lara to make her
do what you want. Although some of you might like that? Lara is also given a grappling
hook that is used throughout the game. She can use it to swing to ledges or to move objects
to solve puzzles. It’s great to have one thing for all this instead of having to constantly
be changing items.
The combat has also seems some major changes. Instead of blasting away with you handguns
and hoping you are hitting the enemy, you can lock on to the target while you jump around
avoiding bullets. You can even get close and perform a bullet-time kill and although this
has been done a million times since Max Payne, it is still satisfying to do. The combat is
easy, and I mean Jersey Shore Girls easy. But I never played Tomb Raider for the combat,
I want to explore tombs.
Also added to this game is a real story for the first time. Where before they would give
you a basic back story then release you into a tomb, this time there is a real sense of
meaning to every location you go to and leaves you wanting more as you learn about Lara’s
past. That brings up a side point. They really toned down Lara in this game which is nice
in my opinion but probably upset a lot of fan boys out there. They made her look more
like a really person instead of a 15 year olds fantasy. This makes the game very more
realistic and plausible and that brings you into the game more than any other Tomb Raider.
The game returns Tomb Raider to what it should be, that is the freedom to explore tombs and
fight bad guy while feeling in complete control and with great visuals. I remember how much
fun the original Tomb Raider was and being let down with each sequel. This game finally
allows me to relive those memories of the original and be looking forward for the next
game in the series not because I hope things get fixed but rather because I just want to
play more.
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CGRundertow TOMB RAIDER: LEGEND for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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阿多賓 published on April 11, 2013
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