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  • First of all, you have to know what the definition of introversion, extroversion are, right?

  • Socially awkward is not, I know socially awkward extroverts, right?

  • It's not if you're uncomfortable, it's not social awkwardness. That's not introversion.

  • In terms of Susan Kane's definition, it's about energy which is an introvert loses energy from social interaction, an extrovert gains energy from social interaction.

  • So an introvert wakes up in the morning with five coins.

  • Every social interaction, they spend a coin, at the end, they are depleted.

  • An extrovert wakes up with no coins, every social interaction, they get a coin and by the end they feel rich,

  • like going to a party, that gives them energy versus going to a party, sucks your energy.

  • Then I'm an introvert. -Right.

  • So I'm I'm a big introvert, right?

  • And what I have learned is I have a big personality, but I'm still an introvert.

  • So what I've learned is that it doesn't matter which one you are.

  • The question is, how do you leverage what you got?

  • Right?

  • And so I go to parties with an extrovert, right?

  • Because that way they can do all the talking and I can just stand there and just eat the cheese. -That is fantastic.

  • By the way, you can always spot me.

  • You can always tell, you go to a party with me and you will see me standing in corners or lingering by the, and when there's a barbecue, I'm always the chef because then I don't have to talk to anybody.

  • Right?

  • But, if you notice, I've learned to leverage what I have.

  • So it makes me a much better public speaker to be an introvert because I don't like holding court.

  • It freaks me out.

  • But I like talking to individuals.

  • So you'll notice when I speak, I talk to you and then I talk to you and then I talk to you,

  • and I give everybody a whole idea or a whole thought, which actually what I learned helps me actually connect with an audience much better.

  • But it's because I'm an in an introvert.

  • So if you're an introvert, of course, you can be a leader.

  • It has nothing to do --

  • Some of the best leaders -- have you ever heard of Jim Senegal?

  • Most people haven't because he's awkward and shy.

  • He's a phenomenal leader.

  • He's the founder and former CEO of Costco, right?

  • Like there's phenomenal leaders.

  • Richard Branson, introvert; he's really awkward, right?

  • Like these are phenomenal, phenomenal leaders who are all introverts, right?

  • But the one thing they all have in common, whether you're extrovert or introvert is undying belief in your cause.

  • Right?

  • And the charisma is not how much energy you have, the charisma is how much you're willing to devote to that.

  • And if it's all of it, you have charisma, you have leadership capacity.

First of all, you have to know what the definition of introversion, extroversion are, right?

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