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  • If survival horror is the house that Resident Evil built, Silent Hill renovated it. Konami

  • traded the camp that made Capcom’s game so charmingly B-movie for a much more psychological

  • brand of terror. For its budding genre, Silent Hill was a pivotal moment that really expanded

  • what a survival horror game could be.

  • Fast forward more than a decade later, and Silent Hill is the latest series to get a

  • contemporary facelift. The second and third games in this renowned franchise are remade

  • in high-definition in Konami’s Silent Hill Collection, and although HD has certainly

  • improved their look, sadly, it can’t do the same for their design.

  • Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 were originally released in 2001 and 2003. Both were lauded

  • by critics, earning Silent Hill praise as a consistent leader in survival horror. So

  • frankly, the quality of these games is almost least, within their time.

  • Now, when you revisit them today, youll still be scared, youll still be amazed

  • by how thrilling and really smart they are.

  • But youll also ask yourself, “Were games really this clunky ten years ago?”

  • To start with those criticisms, these games do show their age. They just don’t make

  • games like this anymore, and I mean that in terms of their general design. After you struggle

  • with the camera, the controls and a few unreasonably cryptic puzzles and objectives, your nostalgia

  • buzz immediately gives way to retro frustrations.

  • And if youre a newcomer, yeah...this is how games used to be.

  • The good news is these games are still absolutely terrifying. In fact, when youre revisiting

  • them, you quickly realize that very few horror games have been able to recreate the sheer

  • terror and deep emotional impact these Silent Hill games so effortlessly muster. The themes

  • are relentlessly dark, and for those willing to

  • explore it, there’s a psychological depth here that is profoundly disturbing.

  • Now, the second game is still a bit better, and their old design quirks can be a little

  • annoying. But when it comes to survival horror, you still can’t do better than a trip to

  • Silent Hill...and the place has never looked better than in the Silent Hill Collection.

If survival horror is the house that Resident Evil built, Silent Hill renovated it. Konami

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