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  • What is Ad Hominem Fallacy?

  • The Ad Hominem Fallacy occurs when someone  attacks their opponent's character or  

  • personal traits instead of engaging with  the actual argument being presented

  • This tactic is used to undermine the opponent's  position by discrediting them personally,  

  • rather than addressing the substance of their  argument. The aim is to divert attention from  

  • the argument to the individual, making their  argument seem less credible or convincing

  • Everyday Example: In a discussion about  

  • health policy, Person A argues, "We should  have universal healthcare because it leads  

  • to better overall health outcomes." Person B responds, "You just support  

  • universal healthcare because you'resocialist who hates free enterprise." 

  • Here, Person B is committing an ad hominem fallacy  by attacking Person A's political ideology rather  

  • than presenting the actual argument against  universal healthcare to support his refutation.

What is Ad Hominem Fallacy?

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