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  • What is Ignoratio elenchi (irrelevant  conclusion, missing the point)?

  • Ignoratio elenchi, also known as irrelevant  conclusion or missing the point, is a logical  

  • fallacy where an argument that is supposed  to address a particular question or issue,  

  • instead, presents an argument for  or against a different question.

  • This diversion tactic leads toconclusion that doesn't follow from  

  • the premises or arguments provided and  is not relevant to the issue at hand.

  • Everyday Example:

  • A town hall meeting is discussing the  introduction of a new public health measure.

  • When someone raises a concern about  the measure's cost-effectiveness,  

  • the response from a panelist is a detailed  explanation of the importance of health itself,  

  • rather than addressing the specific  issue of the measure's economic impact.

  • The response, emphasizing the value of health, is  not relevant to the initial concern about cost.

What is Ignoratio elenchi (irrelevant  conclusion, missing the point)?

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