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  • What is Appeal to the stone  (argumentum ad lapidem)?

  • Appeal to the stone (argumentum ad lapidemis a logical fallacy where someone dismisses  

  • an argument or claim as absurd without providing  evidence or reasoning to support the dismissal.

  • It avoids debate by simply rejecting the  claim as unworthy of serious consideration

  • Every day Example: Imagine a situation in a  

  • school where a student proposes a new method  for organizing the library books by color to  

  • make it more visually appealing and possibly  easier for young students to find books

  • The librarian, without considering the  potential benefits or logistics of the idea,  

  • dismissively says, “That's the silliest  thing I've ever heard,” and moves on

  • While the librarian might be right to reject  the idea and might have valid argument against  

  • the idea, he did not actually present his  argument, this is an appeal to the stone  

  • because it rejects the proposal as absurd  without explaining why he thinks it is absurd.

What is Appeal to the stone  (argumentum ad lapidem)?

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