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  • What is Invincible ignorance  (argument by pigheadedness)?

  • Invincible ignorance, or  argument by pigheadedness,  

  • refers to fallacious reasoning where an  individual insists on their viewpoint  

  • despite being confronted with actualincontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

  • This stubbornness is not due to the lack of  understanding but rather a willful refusal to  

  • accept any evidence that might contradict  their preconceived beliefs or claims.

  • Everyday Example:

  • A sports fan is adamant that a famous  athlete never lost a game in their  

  • entire career. When presented with official game  

  • records and historical footage showing  that the athlete did indeed experience  

  • several defeats, the fan dismisses all this  documentation as errors or fabrications.

  • They maintain their belief solely based on  

  • personal admiration, irrespective of  the irrefutable historical evidence.

What is Invincible ignorance  (argument by pigheadedness)?

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