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  • 4. Power Politics

  • Realists believe world politics is always and  necessarily a field of conflict among nations  

  • pursuing wealth and power, and nations  desire power to ensure self-preservation.

  • Realists believe that there are no universal  principles that can be used to guide the  

  • behaviors of all nations. Instead, a nation  must be constantly aware of the acts of its  

  • neighboring countries and take a pragmatic  approach to resolve problems as they emerge.  

  • A lack of trust in each other's motives leads  to mistrust and competition between nations.

  • Realism does not favor any  particular moral philosophy,  

  • nor does it consider ideology to be a major  factor in the behavior of nations. However,  

  • realists are generally critical of liberal foreign  policy, which we will discuss later in this video.

  • Some figures frequently cited  as realists include Thucydides,  

  • Niccol Machiavelli, Thomas HobbesJean-Jacques Rousseau, and Max Weber.

4. Power Politics

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