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  • Hello there! My name is Ronnie.

  • And today I am going to teach you, by request, how to listen to very fast English, native English speakers; when they put too little tiny words together to make bigger words.

  • This will help you with your listening a lot.

  • A lot of people said, "Ronnie! How could I improve my listening."

  • This is one way.

  • The other thing that this will improve is your fluency.

  • So if you find that you're not being able to speak very fast in English, if you can master these, you will be able to increase your listening and your speaking all in one easy step.

  • So, the very very first thing we're going to look at is the word: gonna. Can you repeat that? Gonna.

  • Then we have wanna. Wanna.

  • Next we have gotta, and then, hafta.

  • Maybe you've heard gonna before. Does anyone know what it means? Gonna?

  • Gonna means, going to.

  • So when we speak naturally in English we say, um, "I'm gonna go to the movies" or "I'm gonna go home."

  • We would never say "I'm going to go home."

  • Say, "I'm gonna go home"

  • gonna go...ok?

  • So gonna go is "going to" plus "go"

  • You don't have to use go, you can use any other verb.

  • The next one, wanna.

  • If this is going to, what do you think wanna means?

  • It means, want to.

  • So I can say "I wanna eat pizza." or "I wanna see a movie." or "I wanna go home."

  • "I wanna go home." You can said like that.

  • So, instead of saying wants to, I want to go to the movies , we say I wanna go to the movies. I wanna see you. ok?

  • Then next one is gotta.

  • Gotta is very very strange the way the grammer was in this one.

  • This is actually I have.

  • Now, this is grammatically incorrect we should say "I have got to..."

  • We say gotta, so we said "I gotta go..."

  • I gotta have. I gotta learn. I gotta learn English on Engvid

  • And the last one is hafta.

  • We say have to.

  • So this say I have to go. You can say I hafta go

  • So, what you hafta remember... wow it's hafta! See? How nature that was, is in English, we change the word plus to, and we just change "a" , sometimes you put "ta", sometimes put "na".

  • There's no rule for using "ta" or "na".

  • This you choose one two three four five words you can remember, gonna wanna gotta hafta that have "to" at the end.

  • There's some more.

  • Excited?

  • These are modals in English.

  • We have coulda , shoulda, woulda, and musta. Musta?

  • So, these are actually how we say things like this.

  • Wow it's far stretch. So instead of saying could have, "oh! I could have gone to the movies", we say " I coulda gone"

  • Instead to saying should have, we said "shoulda"

  • This is we use for when we made a mistake. "oh, man! I shoulda gone to the movies!"

  • Why didn't I go?

  • This one, can you guess what this one is?

  • We say woulda, but it should be would have.

  • And the last one is musta, must have.

  • So, we said would have, we said "woulda", and must have we said "musta".

  • We use the modal we never use "have", we say "a"

  • very strange, and the last two, kind of fun.

  • I see this word a lot in TV commercials when they're advertising something that has" a lot of" something so they'll say stuff like lotsa tomatoes, or lotsa money, or lotsa pizza.

  • "Lotsa" is actually " a lot of".

  • We totally take out the "a", and we change lot of to "lotsa".

  • I don't know why but yes I had no idea

  • And this one, did anyone know what this one might be?

  • this one is sort of.

  • Sort of means a little bit or another things that we would say kind of or kinda.

  • There's the same thing so you can say," I sorta wanna go to the movies."

  • or I kinda wanna go to the movies

  • It's not 100 percent it's like you're thinking about it.

  • So, sorta and kinda, basically have the same meaning, they mean sort of or kind of, and this basically means a little bit.

  • Well, now you'd heard this lesson, go to the website Engvid. Cause I gotta go. Bye bye.

Hello there! My name is Ronnie.

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