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  • Canada! USA!

  • Oh, hey there.

  • It's been awhile, how are your provinces?

  • Oh, they grow up so fast. You know, I got my hands full with 10, I don't know how you take care of 50 states.

  • Yeah, you know, well, it's not easy, the southern ones went through a rebellious phase.

  • And what about the adopted ones?

  • Oh, Alaska and Hawaii? Yeah, I haven't told them yet, but I think they've figured it out by now.

  • And the really loud one?

  • - Texas is still Texas. Oh, Canada, we should you know, hang out sometime, maybe play some baseball. - Play some hockey.

  • What? What's baseball?

  • Oh, sorry, I got to get this.

  • China, baby, how's it going?

  • Yes, I know I owe you a lot of money. Always making it about money.

  • You know what, listen. I will get it to you tomorrow.

  • Do you have like four trillion dollars I could borrow?

  • What am I saying, you're Canada. Okay, listen.

  • I will give you my watch until I can pay. That's right, you did make this.

  • China, you can't tell me what to do. Okay, I will do that, bye.

  • Besties, oh, hide me.

  • What? Oh come on, you guys haven't dated since 76.

  • I know, but it's so awkward.

  • Well, I told you to break up with him in person, and not over declaration. Come on, you can do this. I've got some hockey stuff to purchase.

  • Oh, hi, USA, didn't even see you there, which is weird, because you've put on a lot of land.

  • Hi, Britain.

  • You know, I've just felt so free the last few centuries, what with the breakup and all, never looked back.

  • You tried to get back together in 1812.

  • Yes, well, anyway, I've just been having so much success lately, with the Beatles and Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. I don't even think about us anymore.

  • That's great.

  • Take me back, please? Britain.

  • - Is it another man? Is it France? - Oh, gross, no.

  • Then what is it? Give me a reason.

  • Okay, you want to know why? I will tell you. Oh, North Korea.

  • Hello foreign scum. You want to see?

  • Do I or don't I?

  • Just pay me some attention!

  • Okay, I will tell you why. When we dated, the sun never set on your cheating.

  • You made a pass at every country you saw! Australia, India, Bahamas.

  • Mmm, Bahamas. Okay.

  • You know what and then there's just respect, I can't date a guy that I've beaten in war.

  • Okay, I was not trying my hardest.

  • Ok, plus you are desperate, okay? We broke up and you found every excuse you could to get me over, like oh, USA, I'm having a war, oh, come help me, oh, USA, I'm having another war, oh, I'm having an Olympics, come destroy me in every event. Oh.

  • Desperate. Am I right, Switzerland?

  • I'm staying out of this. Look me in the eyes and tell me you're over It.

  • I'm over it. Owie.

  • Look, I celebrate our breakup with fireworks, okay, I blow things up.

  • Fine, then. I don't need you or your bad credit.

  • Okay, I don't need a boyfriend who plays the wrong football.

  • Oh, right, I'll see you later, have a good obesity epidemic.

  • Get a dental plan. Which way did Canada?

  • That way. Oh, Canada!

Canada! USA!

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