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  • This is great, Snoopy.

  • Everyone knows life's better with a best friend, and Snoopy and the gang know all about best friends.

  • So what's your favorite kind of best friend?

  • Maybe it's someone like Woodstock. Always by your side and ready for anything, no matter what.

  • A dog and a bird who are best friends?

  • How does that even happen?

  • Or maybe it's someone like Peppermint Patty, a friend who's super into sports.

  • -Heads up, Marcie! - And always ready to take charge.

  • -You ready to play? -Just try and stop me, sir.

  • This is gonna be a long game.

  • Or a little more like Marcie.

  • Level-headed and always respectful.

  • Snoopy, I appreciate you trying to help me.

  • I'm just not cut out for snow days.

  • Whoa!

  • -Challenge! -Challenge accepted!

  • A great best friend like Franklin knows just when to give a compliment.

  • -I like your costume, Pig Pen. -Thanks!

  • What kind of bear are you? A brown bear? A grizzly?

  • A polar bear, of course.

  • Of course.

  • Sometimes a best friend is your brother or sister like Linus and Lucy.

  • What do you want, Linus?

  • You know, someone who's always there to give you advice, whether you want it or not.

  • How do you like my sandcastle, Lucy?

  • It's not very realistic.

  • No one could ever live in a castle like that.

  • Or maybe your best friend is someone like Charlie Brown.

  • Enjoy!

  • Always there to pick you up and make you feel better just when you need it most.

  • Yep! There are all sorts of best friends.

  • So whether you're climbing a mountain, dueling the Red Baron, or running from monsters, always know that if you got a best friend, you can handle anything.

  • Things I do for my dog.

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This is great, Snoopy.

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