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  • I try to be open-minded so I can be understanding of people's perspective, because that's important,

  • 'cause sometimes you will be less mad if you understand that person's perspective, you know?

  • Like for example, I'm a straight guy. I like all the breastestes.

  • Yeah, I like the small ones, the big ones, the left one, and the right one.

  • They're not equal, 'cause one of 'em is always like, "Where you looking?"

  • But I like all of them, and I love the big ones, but I also love the small ones.

  • Sometimes people hate on the small ones, one sad "yay".

  • This is how you make them feel. Love the small ones!

  • I have a wife, I told you, she's real, and she's got the small ones, and I love it, because guess what?

  • If there's an apocalypse and the zombie's coming, she is ready.

  • She is aerodynamic.

  • She's not gonna say sh*t like, "Oh, f*ck, my back hurts."

  • Yeah, the big tittle girls is getting eaten by the zombies.

  • Not my wife!

  • She is away from the zombies!

  • My point is I'm a straight guy, and but sometimes, I want to be open-minded,

  • and so I think to myself, "How do I know I'm not a little bit gay?"

  • Because I never think that, I never think that.

  • So I want to think about it, because I have a friend who's bi,

  • and I'm not bi-curious, but I am curious about the bi.

  • It's a little bit different. Just to see how it works.

  • And I went to my friend who was very masculine, which is the wrong decision to do.

  • I was like, "Bro, how do you know you're not gay?"

  • And he was like, "Bro, you should just know."

  • I'm like, "Yeah," but I'm like, "How do you know you don't like something if you've never tried it?"

  • He's like, "Bro, you're gay."

  • "You're 100 percent, full gay."

  • I'm like, "You're not listening to me, and that's a problem!"

  • How do you know you don't like something if you never tried it?

  • To me, it's like oysters.

  • Nobody's seeing the oyster for the very first time and was like, "Oh my gosh, this looks appetizing!"

  • "Let's eat this goo in the rock."

  • Nobody.

  • We only started to eat oysters because we saw other people do it and we're like "Oh my gosh, they look like they're having so much fun."

  • Right? Yeah.

  • And that's why I put my finger up my ass a couple times.

  • Because I'm open-minded.

  • Now this part of the joke, all the black people.

  • "That's f*cking gay, dude!"

  • I'm just trying to be open-minded.

  • Thank you guys, I've been Jason Cheny. You guys have been a fun crowd!

I try to be open-minded so I can be understanding of people's perspective, because that's important,

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