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  • What is a pink pineapple?

  • The pink pineapple aka Pinkglow pineapple isunique, genetically engineered fruit developed  

  • by food giant Del Monte. Grown in Costa Ricait took 16 years to perfect and is in high  

  • demand. Its distinct pink coloration  comes from a pigment called lycopene,  

  • the same carotenoid that gives  watermelon and tomatoes their red hue.

  • In standard pineapples, an enzyme called lycopene  beta-cyclase converts lycopene to beta-carotene,  

  • resulting in yellow flesh. In Pinkglow  pineapples, this enzyme is muted through  

  • a technique called RNA interferencecausing lycopene to accumulate instead.

  • The genetic modification began in 2005  and involved testing four generations  

  • of the plant between 2010 and 2014  to ensure quality and productivity.

  • Del Monte has patented this pineapple, making them  the sole producers. The retail cost is notably  

  • higher due to its scarcity and marketing, ranging  from $10 in grocery stores to up to $39 online.

What is a pink pineapple?

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