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  • What is the jacaranda tree?

  • The jacaranda tree, specifically Jacaranda mimosifolia, is native to Central and South

  • America.

  • Admired for its stunning violet-colored flowers, it has been widely planted globally.

  • Although native to places like southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina, the tree is now celebrated

  • in various parts of the world, from South Africa's Pretoria to California and Queensland.

  • In certain locales, jacarandas have become emblematic of the changing seasons, with their

  • blooms signifying specific times of year.

  • For instance, in parts of Australia, the flowering of jacarandas signals exam season, leading

  • to cultural associations with student stress.

  • Interestingly, there's a legend at the University of Pretoria that if a jacaranda flower falls

  • on a student's head, they'll pass all their exams.

  • Despite its beauty, the tree is considered invasive in some regions.

  • Its wood is utilized for carving, and its distinctive pods are sometimes used as decorations.

What is the jacaranda tree?

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