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  • Why is college so expensive?

  • College has become increasingly expensive due to multiple factors.

  • First, reductions in state funding for public institutions have shifted the financial burden

  • to students.

  • As a result, schools raise tuition to maintain operations.

  • Second, there's an increasing demand for amenities, better facilities, and advanced technologies,

  • driving up operational costs.

  • Third, administrative bloat, with growing numbers of non-teaching personnel, has expanded

  • institutional budgets.

  • Additionally, the availability of student loans can inadvertently incentivize colleges

  • to increase tuition, knowing loans cover the cost difference.

  • Furthermore, the prevailing notion that a degree is essential for career success fuels

  • a high demand, allowing institutions to raise prices.

  • Lastly, colleges invest in reputation-building endeavors, like research programs and top

  • faculty, further driving up expenses.

  • Consequently, students and families face escalating costs.

Why is college so expensive?

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