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  • Good morning!

  • Free=Exciting.

  • Good news everybody, we're getting free lunch today.

  • Yes!

  • Whether you needed it or not.

  • Awwwww, food baby.

  • You have too much love to give.

  • I could totally have a cat, or six.

  • Oh, Steven...

  • You keep in close touch with your parents.

  • Hey Mom, are you excited to have me home for Thanksgiving?

  • Hey listen, can you book the plane ticket?

  • Yeah but Dad, how do you even know when you have to pay taxes?

  • What do you mean everybody pays them?

  • No, yeah, but why would I pay any more than the minimum?

  • Anything can and will become a toy.

  • Treats excites you.

  • We have Pop Tarts now!

  • You cannot take anything seriously.

  • Can you believe Scotland didn't get its independence?

  • I know, right? It's like, "They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!"

  • It's from Braveheart, guys...

  • Some things will always be funny.

  • This is a responsibility that our company takes seriously.

  • It should be everybody's personal duty to care about it.

  • You have something to add, Gabby?

  • Um... you said "duty," so...

  • Yes, serious duties... for all of us.

  • Everyone in here, this is a personal duty, serious duty.

  • Personal duty.

  • Duty, duty, duty.

  • Personal duty.

  • Yes, a very serious duty.

  • We each have a serious duty?

  • Yes, inside of us.

Good morning!

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