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  • Ronson Chan is one of the most well-known journalists in Hong Kong.

  • The BBC has been following his life since the early days of the national security law.

  • As chairman of the Journalist Association, he has long been seen as a possible target.

  • Those found guilty of violating the national security law could face life in prison.

  • He's a fierce defender of journalist rights.

  • He was an editor of one of the last independent media outlets in Hong Kong, "Stand News".

  • In December, 2021, "Stand News" was raided by the National Security police, senior editors were arrested and detained.

  • The charge? Publishing seditious material.

  • On that morning, national security police came to Ronson's door.

  • Ronson was taken away for questioning, then released, but his colleagues remain in custody.

  • It's been months since we last heard from Ronson.

  • He was recently arrested after a confrontation with the police while reporting.

  • Ronson has unexpectedly been summoned to Mongkok police station; plain-clothes police look on.

  • Since the national security law was introduced, pro-democracy media outlets have been forced to close, (and) schools have been detained.

  • It's had a chilling effect on the press.

  • At times, I've suspected I've been a target of the police.

  • But it's Hong Kong journalists that face a significant threat.

  • Hong Kong's position in the World Press Freedom Index has plummeted since the introduction of the law.

  • Ronson is released.

  • He's charged with obstructing the police; he'll face trial and could be sentenced to prison time.

  • Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement was heavily influenced by the events in Beijing in 1989.

  • On June 4th, 34 years ago, hundreds, possibly thousands, died when the People's Liberation Army put an end to student protesters in Beijing.

  • Today is the anniversary.

  • Hong Kong was once the only place on Chinese soil that publicly commemorated the dead.

  • Today, the police threaten to arrest anyone who attempts to mark the day.

  • Some are determined.

  • Flowers for the dead.

  • A political statement, a disturbance to public order.

  • Ronson is reporting; he's just returned from a six-month fellowship in the UK.

  • He's returned to Hong Kong to face trial.

  • A journalist has been detained.

  • It struck a chord with Ronson.

  • I just can't say that we can try our best to survive.

  • I just... I come back; I'm just... say that I miss Hong Kong too much.

  • I love Hong Kong too much.

  • I never think about future.

  • Maybe jail, maybe prosecution, maybe something like that.

  • But I still think that I res... I take responsibility for my decision.

  • So, I... I stay here.

Ronson Chan is one of the most well-known journalists in Hong Kong.

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