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Studying in Strasbourg was the first opportunity I had to really live abroad, and try to figure
out how to make my life in a country where I didn't completely understand the language.
My house mother taught me how to cook French food, and we would sit around the dinner table
and talk about stuff, everything was in French, she hardly spoke a word of English. So I learned
to adapt, I learned to integrate myself into a new community, and talk to people and meet
people, and understand a culture. The classes are also very rigorous, one of my professors
actually, when she found out I was very into Broadcast Journalism and had some experience
in that way, she helped me kind of get a press pass into the Counsel of Europe and I did
a couple of freelance stories, just on my own duck into a panel discussion or a little
something like that and just did it for fun. You have to branch out and get to know French
people and do French things. In Strasbourg, I learned how to have fun on a budget. You
can rent a bike for 5 Euro and ride your bike as far as you can into Germany on a Saturday
and take the train back. The awesome thing is that every first Sunday of the month, all
of the museums are free. So we would have our first Sunday of the month day and we would
all go out and see as many things as we could in Strasbourg. We just had fun. There are
a lot of young people in Strasbourg, it's a very young demographic, there are a lot
of Universities and that kind of thing. Now that I have this experience of living abroad
I feel like if I'm able and have the opportunity to go into International Reporting later on,
I'll have that base, and I think that I learned when you meet the most incredible people and
you try the most amazing food and you just kind of see things, understand the history
of the region in a new way because you're there!
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Discovery Study Abroad Program - Strasbourg

987 Folder Collection
freshmanenglish published on September 30, 2014
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