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I'm Martan Mann and welcome to jazz skills for piano
this course mirrors the way that I teach privately
when a jazz student comes to me I always ask them
where are you what can you play and then I asked what do you want to know
where you want to go once I know that information
I can design the exact exercise that they need
to practice over and over until it is totally subconscious
and easy to play thats the secret
that's it that's how you learn
when you play the piano
it is the subconscious which does the work
it does the playing you have have fun
I hope you'll give this a try
I'm very happy to send you four free videos
of my lessons to show you what this course is like
give it a try
thanks for coming thanks for visiting
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JazzSkills for Piano: Online Jazz Piano Lessons

673 Folder Collection
andy published on September 29, 2014
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