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  • Festivals 

  • Some people think the Chinese New Year  is the most important festival in China

  • Families clean their homes  and then enjoy delicious 

  • food. Children often get  money in red paper envelopes

  • In Korea and Japan, Children's Day is on May 5th. Children and their parents 

  • spend the day together and go to zoos  and parks. Some families fly kites

  • In India, families enjoy Diwali, the festival  of lights. Families light candles and decorate  

  • their homes with flowers. People give gifts, and there is dancing and music.

  • Sports These men are playing  

  • an exciting game called soccer. Every four yearspeople watch their favorite players at the World  

  • Cup soccer championships. The team that wins the  championship game is the best team in the world!

  • Another popular game is volleyballPeople play volleyball in 211 countries.  

  • You can play volleyball inside or on the beach

  • The first team to reachscore of 25 is the winner.

  • Many people watch the summer  and winter Olympic Games

  • Almost every country in the world sends its  best athletes to race and play at these games.  

  • Some athletes swim, and others run or  jump to see which athletes are the best.

  • Family Celebrations When a girl turns 15 years  

  • old in Mexico, her family and friends  often celebrate with food and dancing.  

  • This also happens in many parts  of Central and South America

  • A wedding is always a big celebrationIn Egypt, dancers and musicians gather  

  • around the married couple and dance for up to  one hour! Then people eat a special dinner

  • People celebrate family  reunions all over the world.  

  • Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents  come together to eat and have fun.

  • Community Events Folk dance is popular around the world.  

  • In Turkey, folk dancers wear colorful costumes and dance at weddings and festivals.  

  • People like to watch folk dances, but  they also like to dance themselves

  • A fair is a great place for people to come together and have fun.  

  • Many fairs have farm animals, delicious  food, fun games, and bands that play music.


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