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hi again Gary Stearman time for another prophecy in the news daily updates
a.m. L a Marzilli is is to deal with this today we're going to talk about
his watchers series in LA welcome back
thanks happy here gary is always good to have LA year because
he is a veritable Wellspring ok ideas he's always doing research by the way
he's doing some research right now
but I can't draw I and another word
mom's the word but you wanna know about when it comes
watchers the Watchers series Allaster which is watchers
by and let I asked LA before we went on the air
what has been the feedback from the public watcher series in and from
watchers five what are the men say
its its world through an amazing and at the same time I'm going to us because we
get the emails godly from people
who who who are we're hearing this now they're holding watchers party
parties in the invite their friends over the whole watchers marathon will run
all why what you are doing tonight get the popcorn get the middle finger food
and we're hearing this more and more I the feedback for watches 5 has been
overwhelmingly positive
many people have said it's the best one in the series
and watchers five is the one which you are
mention the subject to black-eyed children and
you know when I think a black II's you know eyes all filled yet blackmun
I always think you have the little gray guys you know it sure does the UFO guys
the step outta there UFO's and they've fix that you with a hypnotic stare they
have those
all in shape black eyes and the
there's something similar I think in this phenomenon what you're talking
about with the Black Eyed kids
well yes M we feel when I say we might my
have a good friend and director producer otherwise if there is research are we
believe that
that in fact viv these children
with the black eyes are not children they may in fact be hybrid
children are some store in other words this goes back to the Genesis 6
scriptures again these are their manifesting in people who are you
talking about this battle I Y is showing us a stop
there's a reason for as as as brcko producer the watches series
just the name alone we are watching what is happening out there and then
presenting it to you and you deal with it now
people need to be aware what literally manifesting
on this planet and it if it was one or two with these these stories we dismiss
but the stories are are David be becoming
up more and more visible were more witnesses were coming forward
we've had people after we aired watchers 5 I had several emails the people who
never went on the record before they believe they had an encounter
woman that we interview Leah Campen up had no knowledge of Napoli no knowledge
of a so-called breeding program
or hybrid anything like that nothing at all in
and she encountered week we got her testimony on film for watchers far-right
and it was chilling 01 want one critic wrote back that only these are just kids
contact lenses they're not kids with contact lenses
people who encounter these shoulder and again I don't believe that their
are overwhelmed with the feel up up there
overwhelming fear and they have this president a
evil you can't make this stuff up that the president upheaval just exudes
from these beings whatever they are people are terrified when they see that
we know LA this leaves mir
to another can another territory in the in new policy which is the
man in black cure going back to the nineteen fifties there remember books
written about these mysterious
a man in black who would show up every UFO sighting in claim to be government
representatives but they obviously weren't human beings there is some
concoction cross breed or whatever and many of them were said to have a very
dark black
eyes and I see a little bit a correlation there possibly
yeah look the phenomenon is very complex no one has all the answers
what's interesting is we we ask ourselves why now we've never
you know why are they appear in now why they Amanda why they manifesting now
is this some sort of Vanguard some advance force the store to test the
look more toward on 2nd Feb 21 a.m. that Satan couple of lines are lying wonders
what about that don't why why do which have this truncated belief system
where we limit this I'm not saying is all powerful much thing that
but my gosh what is calming is unprecedented he knows
his time will be short he's headed to that area we finally cast down from the
second heaven
to earth and he's trapped here and he's really ticked off
paraphrase because he knows his time is short
well these are man guard I think you sending emissaries out
you know just just on on field trips essentially I realize that sounds crazy
but remember we're dealing with supernatural entity that's been alive
for who knows how long
he's highly intelligent but extremely malevolent he's evil personified
right and they have a name provision 612 with many of us a memorize this we
wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities
and those are called our cards in the Greek against
powers against the rulers of darkness to this rule against
spiritual wickedness in high or in heavenly
places and so when I hear something about the
like the black-eyed children for example I think those black eyed children gotta
fear into
into this George Shinn somewhere sure and
again people realize that we're in a cosmic just match where n is
is a cosmic war which has been raging it literally an unseen dimensions
for millennia and now it spills over onto this dimension we're seeing this
this happened just like Bible prophecy tells Satan come the walls lined the Y
one is
left those days were short no pledge would survive men think from fear from
what is coming
on the earth we r in these days
be like a day though the sauna member turned we talked about that
were in this window of time and the supernatural is beginning to interface
a way that we've never seen before and there are people alive today who are not
spiritually prepared let's just stop for a moment your
and say that if you are safe in the Lord Jesus Christ covered by the blood
the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ you don't have a thing to worry
about these things have no power over you whatsoever right
correct but LA there are the vast majority of people out there
today I'm afraid to say are not prepared
they are not covered by the blood Lord Jesus Christ
in there may be some of those people watching today and what would you say to
I would say that you need to a understand that we're not talking about
or you know funny haircuts and rosary beads in confessionals and
in pre-filled statues were talking about a real relationship
with the God of the universe in his somebody sent there are two criteria
we believe on Him who was sent that of course is you sure Jesus
and we believe that his death and the sharing of his blood
covers all our little nasty some others like the Coliseum
all the stuff the junk the human beings do and the course of a lifetime
so we believe on Him who was sent Jesus we have forgiveness
above our sins that's the deal we'd then get
eternal life were born to get in the spirit and the spirit of the living God
comes into us
and we are change and all the sudden we become adopted sons
what a promise you can't buy it you can't work at it you can't do anything
it's a free gift it's available just by asking
all you have to do is is simply asking the Lord to come into your heart
a it all you have to do basically is honor the finished work has already been
and all you have to do said I believe it's been done for me and accept
the fish were Lord Jesus Christ he will cover you
and I A no from many years as a pastor
for many years of personal experience that the dark powers
simply can't do anything to you at all
amen if you are safe and brightest we have the authority of Christ with
already the Messiah
and that's what we walkin his authority not our authority
so you're not dead doing the Watchers series as a kind have a job
publicity stunt or hey you're trying to to
actually warm to give a message warning absolutely
well is always good and we're down to the last few seconds now but
let me say that you're watching this on the internet television right now
and all the website you can find out how to order
watchers series by LA Marzilli
and that you can see what LA has been driving at all these years
so LA tomorrow and the rest I view
join us again but remember people looking up
but do
and I applaud you and Anthony for:
for being brave and and in just you know
going out there to get the truth for all of us but let's let's
me come back to the topic at hand black-eyed children
this a pretty scary topic in my opinion because
when you think of children you think I've in a sense you think a of purity
you don't think of the possibility of these kids beanie villages country
to our emotions so personal describe what a black eye children s
this phenomena essentially
these are children that are showing up
at completely
seemingly at random they showed that people's doorsteps
the place is a business a the approach cars in parking lot
they usually fall between the ages of 8 and 13 years old
what we hear the most have pale skin
they have completely
black eyes not just the people but the entire square
the whole life solid black specially were my favorites is because it's a
from London and it's a gentleman who came home in within a secure building
he you know keyed entry he goes and he goes upstairs was on the second floor
goes in as his apartment and
he's inside is grabbing a beer or something and he hears us while
flop in the hallway any
kinda pauses for a moment he thinks s that strange and a few seconds later he
fears that again
he goes and opens his door and here to kids
standing at his doorstep my hand store
a and he perceived to have this encounter with these black iTunes there
they're saying the strange things to it he's a gentleman whose travel around the
world he was actually
get part is education in America a buddies
is a English native a British native and he said that these kids
it was almost white someone doing a poor imitation
a British actor though their same thing still like we did we want to come in and
watch the telly
and he's walking up and down the hallways thinking who are these kids you
know it s amor their parents are
against get nervous he
turns his head to because he standing holding me
the door handle up his door so the doors partially open
teachers and classes inside thinking need something to defend himself
in those few seconds a glass in his apartment
and turning back to the kids all the sudden there are three other
they've multiplied you have multiplied
no the hallway that has nothing in it see so it's completely up there's no
where the third child to have been hiding
and you know this is short enough for him he ends up being a slamming the door
in getting away from these kids and
he's a I believe these are the processes
of communist neighbor down the hall or something when he hears that something
noise again
out in the hallway and when he goes
get up the nerve in Los backup in the hall these kids are gone now
it was interesting because when I spoke with him he told me that he believed
that this weird noise that he heard I'll
where the kids arriving and leaving arriving
and leave and I'll show that's the only time that I've heard that from one of
these accounts miss this show was very
credible is a government employees he's a
well the doesn't get necessarily the credibility but
but the yeah you know he was a very very composed very educated man is never had
any kind of encounter like this in his life but
some you know there was again something
very strange turn into the mix that we haven't seen in other cases
you've accumulated a lot of this with this testimony
and if it happened to me one thing is
seen a UFO and I think I'm OK by going to reporting it
but with this situation there's something inside me who's
that says you can talk about this to anybody because
you were really gonna be considered crazy how are these people where they
going before the talk to you are they going anywhere else
it you know from
this couple man sorry for that one is that
most these people they don't want to talk about
the encounter very much the the end up coming to me
and I know a couple of other investigators that have gotten a few
similar stories
day sometime seek out people like us because they're hoping to get an
and you know I think a lot of the time they're hoping to hear
that there's a rational explanation for what they encountered
but you know unfortunately there's not I
what does happen and a large portion these cases
is that the people turned towards spiritual pursuits
now it's often that they will all go back to
whatever their a upbringing reflected
you know they were raised Catholic too far gone back to the Catholic Church
I'll sometimes they will simply start exploring
other spiritual pathways
because they're looking for comfort and they're looking for
you know something that makes them feel a safe and secure
you know I i've had down they're a good portion I'll
stories that are quite disturbing
and that I could not publish in the book
even under the promise irv making the person anonymous because
a good portion of these people believe that
too much focus on these children will cause them to
come back into the lot so they think that even if it's anonymous
bad they will know you are referring to the we will be out there
exactly exactly there were a few witnesses said
quote they don't break the rhythm nor do they respond
if you ask them questions which sells again
like a man in black right yes yes they
they simply redirect
and you know they say things that a
and again the sort of Martin's to the man in black say things that don't quite
a make arm the
is just not normal language is an example there's a story that's not in
the book it was published on my blog
a brief brief while ago and its own about an encounter
that a gentleman in texas had and this
encounter was very fascinating because there was an animal present
the gentleman's pet pitbull
and this gentleman came home from the store
he a was in the Dallas metro areas doesn't have anything
pretty much energy or you know it's wide open wats up to the
front door and he has bags in hand he opens the door
and all the sudden he realizes that standing
on the ground just to the right the steps is a young boy
and he was completely possible course because he didn't see this boy there
you know we walked up and this young man
looks at the gentleman and he says
is it food time is it food time as a dinner
is food time and
you know this gentleman said that he just he got
still on this boy said this meant for small he's trying to puzzle 3 what
their hell is this kid me nobody talks like that
and you know this is boy are
what had solid black eyes very drab clothing pale skin
here's the other interesting partisan counter this gentleman had a
has a three-year-old pitbull erase from poppy
his house has a solid wood floors
to get here the dog barking towards the back to the house
and coming closer and there's sorta a
hallway that leads up to his front door going into living room
and he told me that he heard that dog and solve the dog come around the corner
in the living room and writer Ron
coming towards the front door
when he got about two-thirds of the way to the front door
this animal tried to put the brakes on
and you know I'm I'm sure a lot of people
know what I'm talking about institutional you know in a four-run
also I'm trying to stop
this dog pretty much fell over himself
turned around at this tournament feed
with is tail between his way head down
whining running back into the house
to get away from the spy catcher
a the dog ended up hiding under the
the bed in the master bedroom for for a long time this tournament is held at
great difficulty getting this dog out he was completely possible because
this dog he's a seamless dog face down rattlesnakes
he's never seen this dog frightened and
you know he's frightened by this kid
and you know here we have this kid in in the yard same strange things like
I think it's food time you should invite me in
her and and you know it was enough this
this gentleman in OE kinda doesn't sell very quickly 'cause adorned
he said that you know he he put the things down
as bags down and he ended up going to another room in
working through the blinds and a had a good view the art in the skit was
nowhere to be seen
to the children speak with a with an exit
through a few occasions where people say that the children are
it's like they're attempting an accent
but you know I've had account from Spanish speakers
to encounter the stairs and the kids are speaking fluent Spanish
mmm so it's almost as if they were able to
you know adapt to any particular situation
that they decide to you walk into
in people again report that be have a hypnotic
quality just like the grace and they feel compelled to just
do what the you were asked to do
and have you fear the same time how could these kids a nerve
even the most sturdy personalities
that's a really good question mel r you know
a lot of things have been speculated on I've
had people tell me that it and one person who was a law enforcement officer
you who told me that he thought it was able to do some type of
infrasound like Afghan because our
how effective is nervous system and you know I should at this point we haven't
really addressed at
there is very very few commonalities
a mum the victims these kids
but want the curious a
things I have found is that there's
a very interesting a it
there's a large number of people that are in positions
over 40 that have been counted the skit
law enforcement personnel military personnel
government employees or officials
arm medical professionals and
you know i i I'm not quite sure what that means yet but I do find it very
a its interesting in that
a lot of these people are trained observers
so they tend to notice more in the encounter
but at the same time these are people that you would not expect
to back down to be frightened
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The Mystery of The Black Eyed Children

3150 Folder Collection
WangShou Kao published on September 29, 2014
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