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  • Oh, sure, that's a great idea.

  • But I'm not sure if Nicole is into horror films.

  • Let me just ask her.

  • Nicole. Hey, Nicole, you wanna watch Werewolf versus Zombie Vampire Six?

  • Ok.

  • Well, she didn't say no, so count us in.

  • Sexual consent means that both people are actively willing to engage in a particular sexual behavior and express their consent by saying, "Yes, that's ok with me."

  • But just because someone consents to engage in one kind of behavior does not mean that they have agreed to engage in another.

  • Hello, it's you again.

  • Oh, gosh, this is the third time today.

  • No, I don't care if this is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the Sucker 3000 Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Please just stop harassing me.

  • Sexual harassment is a type of bullying intended to hurt or intimidate someone.

  • It can include making sexual jokes, comments or gestures to or about someone;

  • spreading sexual rumors in person, by text, or online;

  • writing sexual messages about people in bathroom stalls or in other public places;

  • showing someone inappropriate sexual pictures or videos;

  • touching, grabbing, or pinching someone in a deliberately sexual way;

  • asking someone to send you naked pictures of herself or himself;

  • pulling at someone's clothing;

  • and brushing up against someone in a purposefully sexual way.

  • If you are being harassed, don't blame yourself.

  • The idea that someone was asking for it because of something they did said or were wearing is false and unacceptable.

  • It often can be helpful to start by telling the person doing the harassing to stop, let him or her know that this behavior is not ok with you.

  • If that doesn't stop the harassment, don't just ignore the behavior.

  • Usually ignoring it won't make it stop.

  • Instead, tell a trusted adult about it.

  • Telling someone sooner leads to faster results.

  • Sexual assault is when someone does something sexual to another person without getting their permission first.

  • That can include anything from touching someone's genitals, breast or butt,

  • inserting something into any of their body parts or showing them something sexual when they haven't given their explicit consent.

  • If he assaults you in any way, first remember that it's not your fault.

  • No matter who you were with how you were dressed or what you were doing, you have nothing to feel guilty about, period.

  • If anyone ever rapes you or hurts you in any way, get to a hospital fast.

  • Tell them what happened and they can help you take the steps to prevent illness or pregnancy and get you to the additional support you'll need.

  • Most importantly, you should tell someone you trust like your mom or a school counselor.

  • You can tell them face to face over text on the phone or however you're most comfortable.

  • Talking to us was a good start.

  • Until next time.

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  • Bye.

Oh, sure, that's a great idea.

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