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  • You might heard of this water talk

  • tread tick tock trend that's got a

  • lot of people coming up with their

  • own water recipes simply by adding

  • flavored hydration mix to all kinds of

  • sugar free syrups to their daily water.

  • And while some say it's putting

  • the fun back in hydration,

  • others are concerned about the amount

  • of artificial sweeteners that go into

  • some of these powdered drink mixes.

  • Now health experts say while drinking more

  • water is always a good thing,

  • always a good thing. the

  • US National Academy of Medicine.

  • Suggesting that men drink about 15

  • 1/2 cups of fluids a day, water a day,

  • and about 11 1/2 cups for women.

  • You know, I've seen so

  • many of these powders and drink this

  • drink that you have all these influencers

  • telling you it's changed my life.

  • I've dropped 178 pounds.

  • You know, it's just so it's so

  • much. Yeah, so much.

  • So I would like to know the real

  • answer. How much water am I supposed to

  • drink? And does Diet Coke work too? I know,

  • right. And can I count my my green tea

  • towards my water intake? Sure. Candles

  • got Well, you know what, Crystal?

  • I was talking or I was just listening

  • to an NPR. They did this

  • whole study on hydration.

  • And that does count towards your

  • hydration. Yes, it's all water and so

  • does Diet Coke. So get off my back.

You might heard of this water talk

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