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  • this show is special because this is the  kind of show that I really needed when  

  • I was 11 years old it was the kind of show  that I really needed when I was 18 years old

  • it was very important for me to have  neurodivergent actors from the moment  

  • my publisher picked up the phone and said  there's some TV people that would like to  

  • talk to you I said only if they're  going to cast autistic actors mark

  • should I put it here is that okay yeah okay cool a beautiful  thing about autism is that when you meet people  

  • you don't really you don't have small talks  small talk doesn't really exist you kind of  

  • um go on like a level eight a friendship  you're like oh yeah great like this is my  

  • life and this is everything oversharing  and then the other person is like yeah  

  • me too and then you just feel like you've  known each other for years because you've  

  • literally overshared your entire life to each  other which I think is such a beautiful and  

  • amazing thing we're so open and so generous  with that I think it makes you ten times more  

  • in so many ways in the way that your brain works  you can feel what people are going through you can  

  • see what people need there are so many superpowers  that can come from being neurodiverse so like just  

  • know like embrace that with me Lola and Georgia  it only helped connect us and I think that's why  

  • we have such a strong chemistry and like bond  as sisters as well because we have that luxury  

  • to kind of be so open around each other from day  one it's been really great working with them and  

  • not having to mask around them I've learned  a lot from both of them and the way that they  

  • are an ashamedly themselves and I think all  of us have taken a lot from this and having  

  • people whose brains work in the same way has  just been something that's really warmed me

  • I've never felt more me they've helped me  learn how to be more me they're just the most  

  • understanding empathetic deep human beings  look I mean that's they're my sisters now

  • if you've ever felt on the outside you understand  what it feels like to kind of not fit in we have  

  • to deal with it maybe more often and maybe in  more extreme ways because we have more extreme  

  • you know difficulties fitting in with the society  that we're in this is food you shouldn't have to  

  • mask who you are a lot of autistic people myself  included tend to be very much people pleasers and  

  • slipping into those sort of tendencies is not  always a good way to look after yourself when  

  • you're masking and you're autistic that actually  like there's nothing wrong with your behavior but  

  • because it's forced and put on them because we're  watching and observing and maybe there's like a  

  • delay slightly in how we interact with people it's  very obvious to neurotypical mind that there's  

  • something just a bit off and so when it comes  to people projecting it's quite an easy target  

  • because there's nothing wrong with us not in their  head consciously but we just seem a bit different

  • my advice would be to surround yourself  with people that bring up your energy  

  • rather than dragging it down we see  it every day with people interacting  

  • with us and kind of saying things that  they think is going to help and actually  

  • just makes it 10 times worse number  one number one on my list like you don't seem autistic like congratulations

  • yeah I could never guess so I would never have told that you're autistic so  like well done you and it's like no I know that  

  • comes from a great place where you're trying to  make me feel good but that just undermines every  

  • person that's autistic as you go forward you'll  find obstacles but as does every other person in  

  • the whole wide world and you can't let that stop  you from doing anything whether you are diagnosed  

  • not diagnosed whatever if you feel like you're on  the outside it's amazing because then if you're on  

  • the outside looking in what an amazing perspective  of life you have it's so exciting to think that  

  • we're part of something quite radical and quite  historic and then we're telling a story that's not  

  • been told before and we're talking about a point  of view that's been suppressed for a very long  

  • time and I think that's pretty special I think  making a little bit of history is very special

this show is special because this is the  kind of show that I really needed when  

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