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  • When you think of a sculpture, you probably imagine one of these.

  • But would you ever imagine something that can fit in the eye of a needle?

  • Huh?

  • Meet Willard Wiggle.

  • I'm Dr. Willard Wigan, MBE.

  • I make the smallest sculptures in the world.

  • I've made 14 camels in the eye of a needle, the queen's carriage.

  • And I've made one of the queen herself, Mount Rushmore, Sunseeker yacht, Evolution of Man, Mary Antoinette.

  • Little Red Riding Hood, Einstein, and more. I'd be here forever, trying to tell you that many, you know.

  • It all began with an ant's nest.

  • I thought the ants are homeless.

  • So I started making them tables and chairs.

  • I started picking up little fragments of splinters and slicing them and constructing and building little houses.

  • I'm autistic and in school, they didn't really care.

  • I call it a learning difference.

  • I just learned different to anybody else.

  • I started experimenting to see how small I could really go.

  • How do you make something so beautiful?

  • When I'm working on a microscopic level, I have to work between my heartbeat because if I don't, the pulse in my finger will cause problems.

  • But the tools are very important because they all vary. There's all different types of tools.

  • The cutting is the most important thing; slicing and twisting and bending and manipulating.

  • I use a little broken shard of diamond, smashed, and it's like a little splinter.

  • It looks like a stone age splint, big microscopic.

  • So it's like my pulse is a little jack hammer, chiseling away till I get the shape I want.

  • I normally pluck an eyelash out from the corner of my eye and then attach it to a little cocktail stick and then I paint with it.

  • I work on five at a time.

  • If I work on one, it'll drive me mad.

  • I have two world records.

  • The smallest sculptures ever made by human hands.

  • No machine, no nanotechnology.

  • But these micro sculptures don't always go to plan.

  • I remember once I was making a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland.

  • After I'd made the Mad Hatter, I made the teapot. (I) made Alice separately and I was lifting her, put her into the needle and my mobile phone went off.

  • I went like this, "Who's that?"

  • And I inhaled Alice.

  • It's just went... she's in my cavity somewhere. Gone.

  • The work that I do, it doesn't belong to me.

  • I like other people seeing it.

  • I like to sit there and watch them.

  • Some people burst into tears when they see my work, you know, and that brings it home to me what I've done.

  • The time that I've put in has been worth it.

  • So, what next for Willard?

  • An ice stack in the needle? Yeah, that's a good one.

  • I wanna do that, you know.

When you think of a sculpture, you probably imagine one of these.

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