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  • Hi!

  • So I've recently joined Instagram, and I've discovered: "Oh snap! I'm the best photographer ever!"

  • Well, not so muchbut I do love how you can take a photo of something pretty ordinary, add a filter, and all of a sudden it becomes a lot cooler.

  • Which got me thinking, how great would it be if you had Instagram in real life?

  • Oh man, my skin looks awful today.

  • Why don't you just Instagram it?

  • What do you mean?

  • Oh. If you Instagram things, they look so much better.

  • Just cooler! I'll show you.

  • Instagram it

  • Oh my God! That is amazing. You look so much cooler.

  • Yeah, I know it's weird; Instagram makes everything look more retro in real life, or something."

  • You should try it.

  • Absolutely!

  • Instagram it

  • What?

  • -Look how cool I look. -I like it, I like it a lot.

  • You know what?

  • You're going to love seeing what Instagram does to food.

  • It's crazy.

  • Yeah those pancakes don't look so good.

  • Not so good, huh?

  • Now, check this out.

  • Instagram it

  • That's awesome!

  • Wait a minute!

  • What happens if you Instagram an Instagram?

  • Instagram it

  • Get f***.

  • Yeah, and to be fair, a lot of things on my Instagram look a lot better online than they do in real life.

  • Sort of like how thoughts are better in your head than when you say them out loud.

  • I reckon if I were a guy, I would be pretty into me.

  • So let me know in the comments below.

  • Are you ever guilty of Instagram cheating?

  • Do you use filters even though you know it makes it look completely different or deceptively better online than it is in real life?

  • Let me know and tag a friend who is most guilty of using Instagram filters for flattery.

  • Also I apologize about there being no video last week.

  • I tried to make one but it was really weird, and when I say weird, these videos are pretty bad as they are.

  • So if you didn't make the cut, it's really bad.

  • But I apologize, and to make up for it, there'll be two videos this week.

  • This one and then one on Sunday.

  • And then back to Wednesday again.

  • I am sorry, I know I've said it before.

  • But yes, I apologize.

  • Thank you though for your comments on my last video.

  • Which was about "the deadly door draft," and "people who leave the door open."

  • Thank you though. That really made me laugh.

  • I'll talk about them in porno music/comment time.

  • But I'll see you guys on Sunday, and I hope you're well until then.

  • Bye!

  • So Natalie, tell me, what do people who make videos on the Internet do at nighttime?

  • Oh, they film themselves, they eat a shit load of pancakes.

  • Okay, it's porno music/comment time.

  • And I know guys, you're always constantly blown away by my special effects.

  • I know.

  • Weta (Digital) called me up and asked me to work on the latest Lord of the Rings and I was like hell no!

  • I've got shit videos to make online.

  • And you know I'm not gonna lie, I did check out a good hair day.

  • I made a video way before I needed to, because my hair was falling nicely.

  • And I can't believe that someone is cheesy as myself didn't think of that pun.

  • I'm gonna use that from now on.

  • Cause I'm Natman.


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Instagram In Real Life

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