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So if you’re a really good magician,
then you should be able
to make magic trick out of anything.
Whatever’s lying around.
The reason for that
is salvage, right?
Let’s say you’re at a coffee shop.
And someone walks up to you,
And you know, like “hey, do a trick."
I’ll doubt you’re not gonna have
your magic color changing sponge ball
On your person
So you’re gonna have to do a magic trick
With whatever is around.
Like this.
If you have a rubik’s cube,
(interrupts) I have a rubik’s cube.
You can solve it instantly,
with magic.
True, if you only really know
how to solve a rubik’s cube.
Or someone’s got a cigarette
You could take it from them,
and magically turn it into a pack of gum.
What was your problem there last time?
Okay. It was supposed to change
when my hand was up there.
What we do here in Las Vegas
If we called a friend of ours, like Pizzaro.
And we’ll take an object, like Oreos,
and we’ll get together.
And we’ll see what are all the magic tricks
That you can do with such an object.
Maybe you can make the cream re-appear
In the center of an Oreo cookie.
That’s really a cool illusion
Thank you.
Or maybe,
You can spit and restore the cookie,
which looks pretty.
(stares at the cookie pack)
And what we’ve learned is
that the creative process
Sometimes is just as entertaining
as the end results.
Was that believable?
It was on me, it light on my face.
So let’s say you’re doing a trick
With a coke bottle.
After years and years of having fun
of creating magic behind the scenes,
we decided to bring people in
On the process.
We brought one camera,
and to make it interesting,
We turned it into a competition.
Like the competition we’re having,
Right now.
Between card throwing
and catching without looking
And fork balancing.
So long story short
We started out as youtube video
Creating magic in this guy’s apartment.
Ended up as bigtime TV show on SYFY
Now we are on Penn& Teller
Celebrity judges,
and we filled the whole season in Scot.
So please do remember
to watch wizard wars.
And Ricky will give you a dollar.
If you do watch wizard wars,
and you should,
it’s Tuesdays, 10/9c only on SYFY.
Oh yeah it says so on the dollar.
That’s the trick.
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13 Magic Tricks in 2 Minutes | Mashable

9483 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on September 27, 2014
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